Morgane Lakes and Fishing

The combination of back-to-back cat and carp fishing lakes are hugely popular with carp purists and catfish specialists.

At a Glance

  • 2.5 acre carp lake
  • 2 acre catfish lake
  • Bait boats permitted
  • Spacious mobile chalet
  • Carp to 52lb (pre-spawning weights)
  • Catfish to over 80lb in the catfish lake
  • Nearest channel port – 2hrs 15 minutes
  • Bookings are on a lake-exclusive basis only
  • Can take up to 6 people, depending on the mix
  • Ideal for mixed groups of carp anglers and catfish lovers

About Morgane Lakes

Morgane Lakes benefits from a long-established reputation for being one of the most popular exclusive carp and cat fishing venues in France. The venue consists of a 2.5 acre carp lake and a 2 acre cat lake. Both lakes are just yards apart with accommodation in between, which makes Morgane ideal for groups that include both lovers and haters of catfish!

Morgane Lakes' greatest attraction is a specialist cat lake, a dedicated carp fishing lake and a modern mobile chalet included in one exclusive price. The venue is located just across the road from the Bigot fish farm and is surrounded by fields and stock ponds. Local shops are 2 minutes away and the nearest supermarket is just 10 minutes away.

Facilities at Morgane Lakes

Morgane Lakes has a spacious 45 square metre wood style chalet. Located on the bank that separates the cat lake from the carp lake, the chalet is perfectly placed for convenient access to both lakes.

Inside, the facilities are modern, well equipped and include a fitted kitchen, lounge and dining area. The water and electricity are supplied by the mains, so there's plenty of hot water and it's safe to drink.

Click on the Facilities tab above to see the facilities in much more detail.

Carp fishing accommodation at Morgane Lakes

Carp fishing accommodation at Morgane Lakes

The Swims at Morgane Lakes

Both lakes have swims within a few paces of the facilities, but anglers are free to set up anywhere on the banks.

At the carp lake, some choose to fish from the decked area or the bank next to the accommodation. The left bank is the most popular option for bivvy anglers, although some prefer to fish from the opposite bank.

At the cat lake, most anglers fish from the floating pontoon a few paces behind the accommodation. The right bank is popular with anglers who prefer to fish from the bank.

One of the swims at Morgane Lakes

One of the swims at Morgane Lakes

Morgane Lake Features

The carp lake has a clay bottom, with a light covering of silt. The lake depth is a fairly uniform 3ft to 4ft, so underwater features tend to be created by angler bait and carp feeding patterns. Baited areas and tactics can vary widely from week to week depending on the number of anglers and where they choose to set up.

The cat lake is deep, with depths of up to 16 feet. The big catfish tend to be caught in cover near the margins, so overhanging trees are an important feature to fish to.

Carp showing a possible hidden feature at Morgane Lakes

Carp showing a possible hidden feature at Morgane Lakes

Morgane Lake Fishing

The carp lake has carp to around 50lb, including a good number of 40s and lots of 30s. The catfish lake produces 70lb to 90lb cats on a regular basis. The cat lake also holds many smaller carp.

Morgane’s carp species include both grass and koi in addition to the usual mirrors, commons and linears. The cat lake also has specimen mandarin cats. There are no nuisance species to trouble anglers in either lake.

Catch reports give the best indication of the average fish sizes in each lake. This one from September 2018: 24 carp on the carp lake, including 2 x 40s, 6 x 30s, 12 x 20s and 4 under 20lb. 37 catfish on the cat lake, including 14 between 70 and 90lb.

Carp from the carp lake at Morgane Lakes

Carp from the carp lake at Morgane Lakes