About Margot Lake

Margot Lake is 18 acres and has space for 8 carp anglers. It’s a classic French carp lake, offering drive and survive fishing for big carp and catfish. Margot is ideal for groups looking for an exclusive French carp lake and individuals wanting to go carp fishing in France at one of its top venues. You can book Margot Lake direct here at Bigot Lakes.

Margot’s biggest attraction is that its lake contains lots of big carp and some huge catfish. If catching an elusive 60 pound plus carp is the reason you go carp fishing in France, then Margot Lake will not be for you. If top class carp fishing action is what you’re after, Margot Lake rarely disappoints. In 2018 Margot hosted 213 carp anglers, who caught a total of 1500 fish, including 926 carp (includes 49 koi carp), 504 grass carp and 70 catfish.

Margot Lake Prices & Availability

Margot lake is a drive and survive venue. It can be booked by individuals, groups or on an exclusive basis up to a maximum of 8 anglers

  • £345 per week per angler, non-exclusive – up to 8 anglers
  • £2540 per week lake exclusive for up to 8 anglers (£317.50 per angler)
  • Non-Angler £60 per week
  • 10% discount for 2nd and subsequent weeks (across all 6 Bigot lakes) for the same group during the same calendar year
  • A deposit of 30% is required at the time of booking. The balance will be due 10 weeks before your chosen date
  • For bookings less than 10 weeks before the start of your booked week, full payment will be required at the time of booking
  • Payments can be made by bank transfer or credit card
  • Contact us if you have any special requirements or wish to book a week that is not shown on the availability calendar
  • Please note that travel to and from the lake is not included in these prices – you arrange your own travel

The facilities at Margot Lake are rated highly by customers. They are modern, well placed and well equipped.

Quick Check

  • Mains water and electricity
  • Inside socials – kitchen/diner
  • Outside socials – BBQ area with gazebo, seats 8
  • Modern washroom, shower and w/c
  • UK plugs for charging
  • Fridge and bait freezers

Margot Lake’s facilities are located behind Swim 3. Swims 4 and 5 are also very close by. Swims 1 and 2 are just a couple of minutes away on foot and it’s just three or four minutes on foot to swims 6, 7 and 8.

The facilities include a modern chalet, which has a kitchen, dining area, shower, washroom and modern w/c. There’s a cooker, microwave, kettle, dining table and chairs, plenty of fridge and freezer space and UK plugs. Water and electricity is from the mains supply, so there’s plenty of hot water and it’s safe to drink.

Outside the chalet there’s a BBQ and a Gazebo with a large table and fitted benches. This outside ‘dining room’ overlooks the lake and is hugely popular for social nights.

What should you bring

Margot has excellent facilities but it is essentially a drive-and-survive venue, so you should pack accordingly. You don’t have to bring carp mats though. Nash Monster Carp Cradles are provided at each swim.

The lake bottom at Margot is clay, which is mostly covered by thin layers of silt. There are hard gravel spots to be found all over the lake. The depth ranges from two to six feet.

A hidden underwater feature is the remains of an ancient lane, which cuts right across the lake and emerges as a partially submerged island at one end. The old lane is very easy to locate. It runs in a straight line from the sunken island to the telegraph pole on the spit behind Swim one.ts, especially in the hotter months.

The lake bottom at Margot is clay, which is mostly covered by thin layers of silt. There are hard gravel spots to be found all over the lake. The depth ranges from two to six feet.

A hidden underwater feature is the remains of an ancient lane, which cuts right across the lake and emerges as a partially submerged island at one end. The old lane is very easy to locate. It runs in a straight line from the sunken island to the telegraph pole on the spit behind Swim one.

Margot Lake is famed for prolific catch reports. Carp and grass carp weighing well over 50lb and 100lb catfish are always a draw but the main attraction is the sheer number of them. This example of 115 fish caught by a group of 5 anglers in August 2018 gives an idea of the lake’s fish: 11 x 40s (including 4 grass and a koi), 32 x 30s (including 13 grass and a koi), 33 x 20s, 38 under 20lb and one 70lb catfish. In 2018 Margot averaged 7 fish per angler across the whole season.

Margot’s other species include zander and roach. There are no bream, but poisson chat and crayfish are present in the lake. The Bigots have implemented a vigorous control system to minimise their number. As a precaution you should bring bait mesh and a supply of tiger nuts for hook baits, especially in the hotter months.

The great thing about Margot Lake is that you don’t have to drive too far. We’re 2 hours 10 minutes from the nearest port.

You can use the google map module below on your smatphone



Margot, Commons, Morgane and Lords Lakes are all situated within a 5 minute drive of each other on the outskirts of Miré in West France, which is also where the Bigot Fish Farm operation is located.

Driving to the Carp Lake

Port Driving Time Distance
Calais (Ferry Port and Eurotunnel) 4 hours 30 minutes 300 miles
Caen (Ouistreham) 2 hours 10 minutes 145 miles
Le Havre 2 hours 50 minutes 190 miles
Dieppe 3 hours 10 minutes 210 miles
St Malo 2 hours 15 minutes 120 miles
Cherbourg 3 hours 20 minutes 185 miles
Roscoff 3 hours 40 minutes 210 miles
Address GPS (Decimal degrees) Degrees (minutes seconds)
Margot is located on the D29 between Chemiré-sur-Sarthe and Miré N47.755872
N47° 45′ 21.138″
W0° 27′ 51.328″

40 fish between 6 anglers, including 1 x 55lb, 8 x 40lb, 14 x 30lb, 11 x 20lb, 4 x up to 20lb, 1 x catfish at 118lb, 1 x catfish at 87lb 5oz (albino).
4 anglers beat their PBs.

Danny Bromley’s party 7th – 14th October 2023

Fishing tactics: various.
33 fish in total, including a mirror at 55lb, 1 x 50s, 4 x 45s, 5 x 40s, 8 x 35s, 5 x 30s, 8 x 25s, and 1 x 20s.

Simon Manners, Steve Bell & Rue

We had a decent stay at your lakes thanks for having us. Fishing was very slow in my swim (6) only managed to land 6 fish.
1 grass carp jumped out of the net and I lost 2 catfish so a total of 9 takes. I feel this was due to low water levels.
38 fish caught in total, 1 x 55s, 1 x 50s, 5 x 40s, 7 x 35s, 5 x 30s, 5 x 25s, 7 x 20s, 3 under 20lb. Catfish – 1 x 107lb, 1 x 90b, 1 x 78lb, 1 x 54lb.  2 PBs broken.

Marc, Kevin, Mark & Mason Lougher 30th September – 7th October 2023

We all had a great week.
148 fish caught, including 3 x cats at 114lb, 5 X 50lb, 39 X 40lb, and 51 X 30lb, the rest of the fish were under 30lb.

Ginge Watson’s group 16th – 23rd September 2023

We all had a great time.
Fishing tactics: caught pop-ups and bottom.
44 fish caught: 2 x 50s, 2 x 40s, 6 x 40s, 9 x 35s, 12 x 30, 5 x 25s, 4 x 20s, and 4 under 20lb.

Harry Rowe’s party 9th – 15th September 2023

We all had a great week fishing.
110 fish catch: 2 x 50s, 6 x 45s, 15 x 40s, 50 x 30s, 21 x 20s,4 smaller and 4 double.
5 catfish: 1 x 110lb, 106lb, 1 x 74lb, 1 x 54lb.

Martin Judges’ party 26th August to 2nd September 2023

We’ve all had a good week.
Fishing tactics: caught on tigers.
60 fish caught: 1 x 55s, 1 x 50s, 3 x 45s, 8 x 40s, 11 x 35s, 10 x 30s, 12 x 25s, 3 x 20s, and 2 under 20lb.

Steve Hoile’s party 19th to 26th August 2023

Great Lake. Fishing was difficult due to the weather. Will be back again.
Fishing tactics: snowman, tigers.
17 fish caught: 1 x 50s, 7 x 40s, 3 x 35s, 2 x 30s, 1 x 25s, one under 20lb, and 3 catfish at 118lb, 107lb, 98lb.

Jake Doody’s party 5th to 11th August 2023

Excellent fishing, lovely carp, and very good stamp of fish size. Will definitely be back.
Fishing tactics: bottom baits, pop-ups, and tiger nuts.
136 fish caught: 1 x 55s, 6 x 50s, 4 x 45s, 19 x 40s, 16 x 35s, 27 x 30s, 19 x 25s, 17 x 20s, 13 under 20lb, and 8 catfish at 140lb (double take), 52lb, 47lb, 2 x 39lb, 2 kittens. 4 PB’s broken.

Oliver Robinson’s party 29th July to 5th August 2023

We all had a great week.
Fishing tactics: caught on Halibut pellet, Krilla wafters, Squid + Octopus wafters, and Tigernuts.
51 fish caught: 2 x 50s, including a ghosty at 52lb, 8 x 45s, 5 x 40s, 10 x 35s, 16 x 30s, 7 x 25s, and 3 catfish biggest at 120lb, and 59lb.

Tim Nicholson’s party 22nd to July 2023

Margot Lake Rules
  • Our lakes are designed so that you enjoy your stay and our fish are protected at the same time. Please take time to read these rules.
    Security Deposit: A security deposit of £50 cash is required per angler, to be paid on arrival. This will be returned at the end of the week provided everything is left in good condition, and as clean and tidy as when you arrived.
  • Please arrive at 12 noon.
  • Departure time is no later than 10 am.
  • If you arrive at the lake and the previous week’s anglers have left, please do not put any of your belongings into the facilities until they have been cleaned.
  • Exclusive groups – you will be permitted to set up once the previous anglers have left but please do not put your belongings in the facilities before the cleaning is completed.
  • Swim draw for non-exclusive groups: There will be a swim draw at 12 noon. In general, most groups will discuss the pegs that they would like amongst themselves upon arrival, however, if an agreement cannot be reached, the peg draw will take place. Please note that any group arriving after the peg draw will have to use the remaining swims.
  • Maximum of 4 rods per angler, which MUST not be left unattended. If your rods are unattended you will be asked to leave without a refund.
  • No lead core or braided main line.
  • Minimum line – 15 lbs breaking strain – safety rigs only.
  • H Block Marker floats are not allowed on Margot.
  • Barbless or micro-barbed hooks ONLY.  No hooks bigger than size 1 and no bent hook rigs.
  • Unhooking mats are compulsory,  the lake provides carp cradles. No sacking of fish.
  • All photos should be taken kneeling down just above the unhooking mat; no standing.
  • All fish over 35lbs MUST be photographed in the water, NOT on the bank. Bring your waders to make sure your pics with the fish are in the water (under your responsibility).
  • Fish must be kept wet while out of the water.
  • We would ask that the fish be kept out of the water for the minimum time possible to decrease their stress level.
  • All anglers must carry carp care kits and must treat every fish and use these whenever necessary.
  • No marking or mutilation of fish, offenders will be prosecuted. No swimming and no loud radios, please.
  • With the exception of particles purchased on-site, or factory-pre-prepared branded seeds and nuts, e.g. Quest, Dynamite, Natural Baits, etc., no other particles will be allowed. Preparation of particles on site is strictly forbidden and there is a zero tolerance policy in operation at this venue.
  • Boats are allowed but are to be used at your own risk. Life Jackets are compulsory but are not supplied – please bring your own if you intend to use a boat.
  • Children must be accompanied by their parents at all times.
  • Bait boats are allowed.
  • Please leave your peg clean and put all litter, bottle tops, and cigarette ends in the bins provided.
  • The toilets use a septic tank system, not main drainage. Please do not put anything down the toilet except toilet tissue otherwise you will block it. In particular please do not put baby wipes down the toilet.
  • Any angler not respecting the rules will be asked to leave and no refund will be given.

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For further information about booking and availability, please email us at contact@bigotlakes.com