About LORDS Lake

Lords Lake is an intimate snag-free lake with a chalet right on its large swim. Few venues of similar size can match the fish stock. The venue consists of a 2.6 acre carp lake, which is packed with big carp and cats. Lords Lake is Located a few hundred metres from the Bigot fish farm.

Local shops are 2 minutes away and the nearest supermarket is just 10 minutes away. The lake itself is roughly square in shape with depths between 1 and 1.5m. The bottom is clay covered in light silt and clear of snags.

Lords Lake Prices & Availability

Lords Lake can be booked on a lake exclusive basis only. It is ideal for 2 anglers, but can accommodate up to 4

  • £1000 per week for 2 anglers (£500 each)
  • £1115 per week for 3 anglers (£371.67 each)
  • £1230 per week for 4 anglers (£307.50 each)
  • Non-Angler £60 per week
  • 10% discount for 2nd and subsequent weeks (across all 6 Bigot lakes) for the same group, during the same calendar year
  • Lords Lake is ideally suited to groups of 2 or 3 anglers, but can accommodate up to 4 anglers
  • A deposit of 30% is required at the time of booking. The balance will be due 10 weeks before the date of your chosen week
  • For bookings less than 10 weeks before the start of your booked week, full payment will be required at the time of booking
  • Payments can be made by bank transfer or credit card
  • Contact us if you have any special requirements or wish to book a week that is not shown on the availability calendar

Lords Lake Accommodation

The lakeside accommodation at Lords Lake is modern and comfortable

The Facilities at a Glance

  • Large wooden style chalet
  • Mains electricity, well water
  • Modern shower and w/c
  • UK plugs for charging
  • Fridge and bait freezer
  • Two bedrooms
  • Bring your own bedding and towels

The Mobile Chalet

The facilities at Lords Lake are housed in a spacious 45 square metre wooden style chalet. It has heating and is fully insulated with double glazed windows and shutters. Situated on the bank right behind the main swim, the chalet is perfectly placed for social carp fishing.

Inside the Mobile Chalet

Inside, the main room is open plan with a fitted kitchen, lounge area with sofa bed and dining table. The kitchen has a hob, oven, microwave and kettle. There are two bedrooms, one of which has a double bed and the other has bunk beds. The electricity supply is from the mains, so hot water is readily available. The water is from a well.

Outside the Mobile Chalet

Outside the chalet is a large purpose-built swim, with space for 3 anglers to set up. Almost all Lords Lake anglers fish together from this swim because the whole of the lake is accessible from here. There are options to fish further along the same bank and on the other banks.

Vehicle Access

The chalet has all-weather access for vehicles and plenty of space for parking.

What You Should Bring

Although the facilities at Lords are comfortable and modern, you need to bring your own bedding, towels and tea towels. You should also bring bottled drinking water if you prefer not to drink boiled well water. Please note that you will also need to bring your own consumables such as toilet rolls and rubbish bags as these are not provided.You don’t have to pack carp mats though. Nash Monster Carp Cradles are provided

Lords Lake is roughly square in shape with depths averaging 1.5m. The lake bottom is clay covered by a light layer of silt.

The main features at Lords Lake are the far margins, where the carp tend towards the quiet spots. Some anglers use bait boats to reach these margins but many cast to them.

The lake bed is flat with little variation and there are no snags or places you can’t get to.


atch reports give a good indication of the average fish sizes in the lake. This one from 3 anglers in july 2018: 35 fish, including 2 x 40s, 14 x 30s, 16 x 20s and 2 catfish to 8

Lords Lake is roughly square in shape with depths averaging 1.5m. The lake bottom is clay covered by a light layer of silt.

The main features at Lords Lake are the far margins, where the carp tend towards the quiet spots. Some anglers use bait boats to reach these margins but many cast to them.

The lake bed is flat with little variation and there are no snags or places you can’t get to.


Although Lords Lake has carp to 50lb, these are pre-spawning weights. This means that you need to fish before May if you want to target a 50. After spawning there is a good number of 30s and 40s, plus cats to over 93lb to have a go at.

Apart from the normal mirrors and commons, the carp species also include a few koi and grass. There are no nuisance species in Lords Lake (no poisson chat and no crayfish present). Other fish present in numbers are roach, rudd and perch.

Catch reports give a good indication of the average fish sizes in the lake. This one from 3 anglers in july 2018: 35 fish, including 2 x 40s, 14 x 30s, 16 x 20s and 2 catfish to 8

There are no set swims at Lords Lake and anglers are free to fish from wherever they like. The vast majority choose the chalet swim, where they can make use of the facilities without having to reel in.

The chalet swim has plenty of room for 3 bivvy set-ups and the whole of the lake is accessible from here.

Because the chalet swim is so convenient, very few anglers choose to fish from the lake’s other banks, so you should take this into account when deciding what tactics to use and what features to fish to.


The great thing about Lords Lake is that you don’t have to drive too far. We’re 2 hours 10 minutes from the nearest port.

You can use the google map module below on your smatphone



Margot, Commons, Morgane and Lords Lakes are all situated within a 5 minutes drive of each other on the outskirts of Miré in West France, which is where the Bigot Fish Farm Operation is located.

Driving to the Carp Lake

Port Driving Time Distance
Calais (Ferry Port and Eurotunnel) 4 hours 30 minutes 300 miles
Caen (Ouistreham) 2 hours 10 minutes 145 miles
Le Havre 2 hours 50 minutes 190 miles
Dieppe 3 hours 10 minutes 210 miles
St Malo 2 hours 15 minutes 120 miles
Cherbourg 3 hours 20 minutes 185 miles
Roscoff 3 hours 40 minutes 210 miles
Address GPS (Decimal degrees) Degrees (minutes seconds)
Lords Lake is located near Miré on the D78 going towards Soeurdres N47.752783
N47° 45′ 10.018″
W0° 30′ 42.217″

Awaiting photos
Very satisfied – We had a Very enjoyable stay, everything you could ask for at lakes edge 9/10 pukka.
Fishing tactics: right-hand corner for cats, in front to the far bank and the left-hand side is most productive.
20 fish in total – 2 x 45lb+, 2 x 40lb+, 1 x 35lb+, 3 x 30lb+, 3 x 25lb+, 1 x 15lb+.
5 catfish – 1 x 102lb 1oz, 2 x 96lb+, 1 x 86lb, 1 x 85lb.

Reece Reynolds & Dave Reynolds 30th April – 7th May 2022

Awaiting photos
Satisfied – We would absolutely recommend Lords Lake.
We had a great time, the cabin is great but beware water is very hot.
Suggestions- a few more basic kitchen utensils, i.e sieve/colander.
Fishing tactics: Any baits seem to work, the fish will take whatever you put out, we stuck with boilies & maize and that did the trick.
23 fish in total: 1 x 48lb, 6 x 40lb+, 3 x 35lb+, 2 x 30lb+, 3 x 25lb+, 4 x 20lb+, 1 x 15lb+, 1 teen.
2 catfish: 1 x 88lb+, 1 x 50lb.

Matt Gower & Lee Gower 23rd to 30th April 2022

Awaiting review –
9 fish caught: 1 x 53lb, 2 x 40lb+, 2 x 30lb+, 1 x 25lb+, 2 x 20lb+, 1 x 18lb.

David Cairns & Dan Cragg 2nd to 5th April

Very satisfied – overall all good. Some kitchen equipment lacking.
Fishing tactics: left side of the lake fishing well. No fishing on the right margin. Fished well using running leger and bolt rigs. Various baits/rigs worked including bottom baits (krill/vortex) & pop-ups (but not bright colours)
12 fish in total: 2 x 50s, including a common at 53lb 8oz, 1 x 45s, 3 x 40s, 3 x 35s, 1 x 20x.
Catfish: 1 x 82lb.

Stephen Harris 16th October 2021

Very satisfied – fantastic fishing, the sixth time in Lords Lake, and always come away with new PBs.
Suggestion – being allowed to stay later (11 – 12) would be good, so you can dry your nets before you leave.
Fishing tactics: fishing close to far margins for carp. Feeding pellet in the top-right corner for catfish.
43 fish, including 11 PBs: 3 x 45s, 5 x 40s, 9 x 30s, 6 x 25s, 2 x 20s, 1 x 15s
6 catfish – 2 x l00lb, 1 x 97lb, 1 x 94lb, 1 x 91, 1 x 81lb.

Tim Will & P. Robinson 18th September 2021

We would recommend Bigot Lakes.
Suggestions: a fly screen for the door would be great.
Fishing tactics: far bank, using cell wafters and Pop-Ups. Pick your spots early in your stay and stick to them. Feed regular, but only small amounts, fish seem to react to bait hitting the water.  Many of our baits came shortly baiting up.
22 Fish in Total:2 x 50lb, including a nice 57lb common carp (new Lake record carp), and David Cairns’PB,4 X 40lbs,6 X 35lbs,5 x 30lb, 1 grass carp
Catfish: 1 x 84lb and 2 small kittens.
Zander: 1 x 51b.


Very good!
2nd time at Lords Lake. Very hard at the start of the week in the heat – 35 degrees.
Fishing Tactics: Fished to back bank, using little bait.
24 Carp: 1 x 50, 2 x 40s, 11 x 30s (2 grass), 10 x 20s (7 grass) plus a kitte

Luke Webster on 15 August 2020

The lake and facilities are excellent.
Cabin comfy and shower nice and hot! Could have done with a few more English electrical plug sockets and the double bedroom window is stuck shut. The swim in front of the cabin is where we elected to fish. The ground is so stoney and hard we found it very difficult to drive in any bank sticks and we ended up utilising one of the carp cradles as a makeshift rear rest – not ideal by any means.
There are snags to the far left corner and along the tree line to the right, running parallel to the road. Fish were lost to these, so beware. One of the main issues we found were crayfish destroying the hook baits and also cutting into lines complete with lead/leader/rig – we have a photo of the crayfish found on the far bank if needed by the management. All in all both succeeded in new PBs.
Fishing Tactics: Far bank left corner and left bank all produced fish to balanced boilie. Bites suddenly went off from Tuesday onwards, finding it difficult from then to get fish.
10 carp – 7 x 30s, 2 x 20s and 1 x 18. Plus 1 kitten.

Glenn Patchett on 25 July 2020

Very good.
3rd time here and already booked next trip. Lords Lake has exactly what a couple of anglers need for a week’s carp fishing in France.
Fishing Tactics: Both back corners produced fish. Pick your spots and stick to them. Feed once per day around 2pm. Produced for us all week. Cell pop ups worked best.
22 Fish: 3 x 40s, 12 x 30s (5 grass), 3 x 20s (1 grass), 1 x 18lb, 1 x koi and a small pike and a kitten.

Dave, Jack & Tom Cairns on 11 July 2020

Perfect as usual. Used boilies for 5 days -nothing. Changed to tiger nut and small bags – much better response from the fish.
Fishing Tactics: Over to the far left corner tight. Used single tigers for bites.
Carp – 53lb PB (new lake record common), 33lb mirror and a 30lb grass carp.

Rico Giammatteo on 14 March 2020

Lords Lake Rules

Our lakes are designed so that you enjoy your stay and our fish are protected at the same time. Please take time to read these rules.

  • Security Deposit: On arrival you will be asked for a £200 per group security deposit. This will be returned at the end of the week providing everything is left in good condition, and as clean and tidy as when you arrived.
  • Please do not arrive before 4pm and depart no later than 10am.
  • Maximum 3 rods per angler, no unattended rods.
  • No lead core leaders.
  • Barbless or micro barb hooks only. No hooks bigger than size 1 and no bent hook rigs.
  • H Block marker floats are not allowed on Lords
  • No braid as mainline, no fixed leads. Unhooking mat compulsory, the lake provides Carp Cradles. No sacking of fish. Please use safe rigs making sure that the lead set up can slide over any shock leader knot.
  • With the exception of particles purchased on site, or factory pre-prepared branded seeds and nuts, e.g. Quest, Dynamite, Natural Baits etc., no other particles will be allowed. Preparation of particles on site is strictly forbidden and there is a zero tolerance policy in operation at this venue.
  • No marking or mutilation of fish, offenders will be prosecuted.
  • Boats not allowed, but bait boats are OK.
  • No swimming and no loud radios please. Please leave your pegs clean and put all litter, bottle tops and cigarette ends in the bins provided.
  • The toilets use a septic tank system not mains drainage. Please do not put anything down the toilet except toilet tissue otherwise you will block it. In particular please do not put baby wipes down the toilet.
  • Any angler not respecting the rules will be asked to leave and no refund will be given.

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