Margot Lake and Fishing

Margot Lake is a premier French carp lake offering carp & cat fishing in West France. With lots of big carp and cats, it's an anglers dream

At a Glance

  • 18 acres
  • 8 anglers
  • Carp to 55lb
  • Grass carp to 58lb
  • Catfish to 104lb
  • Modern facilities
  • Bait boats allowed
  • Rowboats provided on site
  • Nearest channel port - 2hrs 15 minutes
  • Individual, group and lake exclusive bookings
  • Ranked as one of France's premier carp fishing waters

About Margot Lake

Margot Lake is 18 acres and has space for 8 carp anglers. It's a classic French carp lake, offering drive and survive fishing for big carp and catfish. Margot is ideal for groups looking for an exclusive French carp lake and individuals wanting to go carp fishing in France at one of its top venues. You can book Margot Lake direct here at Bigot Lakes.

Margot's biggest attraction is that its lake contains lots of big carp and some huge catfish. If catching an elusive 60 pound plus carp is the reason you go carp fishing in France, then Margot Lake will not be for you. If top class carp fishing action is what you're after, Margot Lake rarely disappoints. In 2018 Margot hosted 213 carp anglers, who caught a total of 1500 fish, including 926 carp (includes 49 koi carp), 504 grass carp and 70 catfish.

Facilities at Margot Lake

Although Margot Lake is a drive and survive venue it has modern lakeside facilities. A large wooden chalet is supplied with mains water and electricity and contains a kitchen, bait freezer, fridge, modern w/c and shower.

The facilities have plenty of space for parking and there's vehicular access to all swims. The chalet is located in a central position right next to the lake, so accessing the swims on foot is also quick and convenient.

Margot Lakes popular dining gazebo is located right next to its chalet, making it the perfect spot for getting together for a social. Click on the Facilities tab above to see the facilities in much more detail.

Facilities at Margot Lake

Facilities at Margot Lake

The Swims at Margot Lake

Margot Lake has 8 swims, which are spread around 3 of its 4 sides. Each swim has plenty of water and you don’t need to be a casting champion to reach the fish.

Looking from the facilities, swims 1 and 2 are located close together on the left bank. Swims 3 to 5 are close by on the same bank and swims 6 to 8 are on the far bank.

The swims have a light covering of gravel for all-weather fishing, so strong pegs and mallets are recommended in summer. Carp cradles are provided at each swim.

All the swims at Margot Lake have vehicular access to within a few yards, so carp barrows aren't essential.

The peg locations at Margot

The peg locations at Margot

Margot Lake Features

The lake bottom at Margot is clay, which is mostly covered by thin layers of silt. There are hard gravel spots to be found all over the lake. The depth ranges from two to six feet.

A hidden underwater feature is the remains of an ancient lane, which cuts right across the lake and emerges as a partially submerged island at one end. The old lane is very easy to locate. It runs in a straight line from the sunken island to the telegraph pole on the spit behind Swim one.

Margot Lake's submerged island is a favourite catfish hideout

Margot Lake's submerged island is a favourite catfish hideout

Margot Lake Fishing

Margot Lake is famed for prolific catch reports. Carp and grass carp weighing well over 50lb and 100lb catfish are always a draw but the main attraction is the sheer number of them. This example of 115 fish caught by a group of 5 anglers in August 2018 gives an idea of the lake's fish: 11 x 40s (including 4 grass and a koi), 32 x 30s (including 13 grass and a koi), 33 x 20s, 38 under 20lb and one 70lb catfish. In 2018 Margot averaged 7 fish per angler across the whole season.

Margot’s other species include zander and roach. There are no bream, but poisson chat and crayfish are present in the lake. The Bigots have implemented a vigorous control system to minimise their number. As a precaution you should bring bait mesh and a supply of tiger nuts for hook baits, especially in the hotter months.

93lb catfish at Margot Lake

93lb catfish at Margot Lake