Lords Lake and Fishing

Lords Lake is a French carp lake with chalet accommodation. For a small lake Lords packs a very big punch, with 50lb carp and 80lb catfish

At a Glance

  • 2.6 acre carp lake
  • Ideal for groups of 2 or 3
  • Carp to 50lb (pre-spawning weights)
  • Catfish to 93lb
  • Bait boats allowed
  • Spacious chalet
  • Nearest channel port – 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Bookings are on a lake-exclusive basis only
  • A Mecca for first time anglers in France
  • Ideal for small groups, couples and mates who like to fish together

About Lords Lake

Lords Lake is an intimate snag-free lake with a chalet right on its large swim. Few venues of similar size can match the fish stock. The venue consists of a 2.6 acre carp lake, which is packed with big carp and cats. Lords Lake is Located a few hundred metres from the Bigot fish farm.

Local shops are 2 minutes away and the nearest supermarket is just 10 minutes away. The lake itself is roughly square in shape with depths between 1 and 1.5m. The bottom is clay covered in light silt and clear of snags.

Facilities at Lords Lake

Lords Lake has a spacious 45 square metre wood style chalet. It has heating and is fully insulated with double glazed windows and shutters. Situated right on the bank, the chalet is ideal for convenience and socialising.

Inside, the facilities are modern, well equipped and include a fitted kitchen, lounge and dining area.

Click on the Facilities tab above to see the facilities in much more detail.

Mobile Chalet at Lords Lake

Mobile Chalet at Lords Lake

The Swims at Lords Lake

There are no set swims at Lords Lake and anglers are free to fish from wherever they like. The vast majority choose the chalet swim, where they can make use of the facilities without having to reel in.

The chalet swim has plenty of room for 3 bivvy set-ups and the whole of the lake is accessible from here.

Because the chalet swim is so convenient, very few anglers choose to fish from the lake's other banks, so you should take this into account when deciding what tactics to use and what features to fish to.

Carry on carp fishing during your get-togethers at Lords Lake

Carry on carp fishing during your get-togethers at Lords Lake

Lords Lake Features

Lords Lake is roughly square in shape with depths averaging 1.5m. The lake bottom is clay covered by a light layer of silt.

The main features at Lords Lake are the far margins, where the carp tend towards the quiet spots. Some anglers use bait boats to reach these margins but many cast to them.

The lake bed is flat with little variation and there are no snags or places you can't get to.

Far margin features at Lords Lake

Far margin features at Lords Lake

Lords Lake Fishing

Although Lords Lake has carp to 50lb, these are pre-spawning weights. This means that you need to fish before May if you want to target a 50. After spawning there is a good number of 30s and 40s, plus cats to over 93lb to have a go at.

Apart from the normal mirrors and commons, the carp species also include a few koi and grass. There are no nuisance species in Lords Lake (no poisson chat and no crayfish present). Other fish present in numbers are roach, rudd and perch.

Catch reports give a good indication of the average fish sizes in the lake. This one from 3 anglers in july 2018: 35 fish, including 2 x 40s, 14 x 30s, 16 x 20s and 2 catfish to 85lb.

Carp fishing action in France at Lords Lake

Carp fishing action in France at Lords Lake