Driving in France

French roads are less congested compared to the UK. This doesn't mean you don't have to prepare though!

All routes to Bigot Lakes are either via motorways or via main roads and none go near Paris. Driving is stress-free and you’ll get used to driving in France very quickly. Enjoy driving with confidence by ensuring you are familiar with French road traffic signs, especially those relating to right of way. The AA and RAC websites are packed with useful information to help you.

Quick Checklist

Here is a quick checklist of things to sort out before going carp fishing in France:

  • Bring your driving licence, insurance documents and vehicle registration document
  • For hire cars, bring the rental documents
  • Bring a credit or debit card for toll booths
  • Ensure your vehicle insurance and breakdown cover is valid by informing your providers about your trip
  • Fit headlamp beam deflectors
  • Bring a set of spare bulbs and spare fuses
  • Bring a hazard warning triangle
  • Bring a spare set of car keys
  • Bring high-visibility waistcoats
  • Check your vehicle condition before leaving
  • Bring a road map, even if you use a Sat Nav
  • Bring jump leads, especially if you haven’t changed your car battery recently
  • Bring two breathalyser test kits - make sure they are not past their 'sell-by' date
Drive and survive to France
Drive and survive to France