Customer Reviews About Carp Fishing at Trident Lakes in France

What customers say about carp fishing in France at Trident Lakes, including their catch reports and general comments.

Derek Hart

Enjoyed the peace and quiet

By Derek Hart on 28 September 2019

Facilities good. Lake side needs attention lots of over hanging trees. Slipped bank two of us slipped and fell. Enjoyed the peace and quiet but needs some TLC. But I have fished lots of lakes in France (Bigot Lakes included) and I am sure next year you will be fully booked.

Fishing Tactics :

Pop ups.

Catches :

13 in total, comprising 3 x 30's to 37lb 12oz, 7 x 20's to 25lb, 2 tench (5 and 6lb), 1 pike 7lb.

Brian Haines


By Brian Haines on 21 September 2019

Catches :

28 in total, comprising 1 x 51lb 9oz, 1 x 44lb 13oz, 6 x 30's to 36lb, 19 x 20's to 27lb 10oz, 1 x 19lb (and 2 pike).

Tony Page

Great facilities

By Tony Page on 25 August 2019

Great facilities, beautiful and tranquil surroundings, lakes are very weedy which makes fishing difficult.

Little bit overgrown in places for access around lakes, you cannot night fish unless you bivvy up! Had a lovely stay, may consider coming again.

Fishing Tactics :

Pop ups fished over a bed of pellets.

Catches :

22 in total, comprising 2 x 30's to 36lb, 12 x 20's to 29lb 8oz, 2 x 10's to 19lb, 5 tench (max 7lb), 1 pike to 4lb 8oz.

Remarks : During the winter we will do a treatment to remove the weeds present in the lakes. Normally no weed for 2020. Anton

Stuart Wardale

Trident is the perfect setting

By Stuart Wardale on 3 August 2019

Trident is the perfect setting and has all the basic things we needed for a family fishing holiday. The Cabin has all the essentials you need! And the lakes have produced some amazing fish!

Trident is in a stunning, tranquil, secluded setting with its abundance of wildlife. It’s been a fantastic fishing holiday for our family. Its ideally located to Combourg and not far from local beaches. It’s been Awesome!! And fingers crossed we will return. With both children getting their PBs! :) (We strongly recommend Trident)

As it was a family holiday we didn’t fish continuously and went to the beach and into Combourg and would totally recommend « L’Angevine ». It was delicious!! and stunning veiws of lake and Castle. Overall a super relaxing holiday. 10/10. The perfect fishing holiday :)

Fishing Tactics :

Caught from all over the lake, marginal shelf, open water and weed beds. Using chod rigs and hair rigs. Bait used: Trigga ice boilies, sweet corn and Antons 9mm pellet. The boat has been a asset with amount of weed at present.

Catches :

19 in total, comprising 1 x 50lb 2oz, 2 x 30's to 37lb 5oz, 13 x 20's to 29lb, 1 tench to 3lb, 1 pike to 7lb and 1 cat fish to 60lb+ (Think 80lb) (And lots of silver fish on pole)

Andy Proctor

Facilities are exceptional

By Andy Proctor on 27 July 2019

Facilities are exceptional. Having fished four Bigot venues this is most difficult, overgrown, definite need of some TLC in relation to swims, trees + weed. Point swim (in front of cabin) almost unfishable. Other swims limited for casting.

Conditions were difficult upper 30°C. All week which didn’t help fishing but you can’t pick the weather. One of those things.

Catches :

10 in total, comprising 4 x 30's to 34lb 4oz, 6 x 20's to 25lb12oz.

Terry Uphill

The most beautiful lake in Bigot Lakes

By Terry Uphill on 30 June 2019

The most beautiful lake in Bigot Lakes. The cabin was great - can't fault it at all. Fishing was not good (not your fault) due to weather conditions. Nice to see the new cats delivered to the lake. Two more carp cradles would be good for the lake and carp care.

Catches :

4 in total, comprising 1 carp of 26lb and 3 catfish of 20lb, 63lb and 135lb.

Wayne Moss & Rob Hall

Your lakes are fantastic

By Wayne Moss & Rob Hall on 24 June 2019

Your lakes are fantastic and we will definitely be back next year 👌🎣🐟😎

Catches :

2 in total, comprising 2 x 30's to 36lb. Includes new PBs.

Note from Bigot Lakes - Some of the hardest fishing conditions we've ever seen. The big carp just not feeding and an average of less than 2 carp per angler across 6 lakes.

Consensus of opinion seems to be that wild swings in pressure hit just as the carp were recovering from a very hard spawn. Whatever the reason, we say hats off to those who managed to coax a few out in such tough fishing conditions.

Colin Claxton


By Colin Claxton on 15 June 2019

LAKES ARE BEAUTIFUL. Although quite weedy in some places, fish are exactly what Bigot is famous for. Cabin is superb ever better with the Wi-fi. Dad expected a boat as usual on cat lake and refused to fish due to fish safety so was a bit unfortunate. Weather was very unsettled until Friday so if electric does go off don’t despair solar panels just require some time to charge.

Great place stunning lakes in beautiful surroundings and only 5 min drive to village. Surely Morgane and Commons have got a strong contender in Trident Lakes. Just need a boat to free any snagged fish.

Fishing Tactics :

Choddy’s just off marginal shelf over pellet or particle please use safe rigs due to weed growth.

Catches :

13 in total, comprising 10 x 30's to 36lb, 1 x 20's to 28lb and 2 tenches to 3lb.

Terry Leggatt

Really enjoyed

By Terry Leggatt on 4 June 2019

Really enjoyed. Lovely Place. Will be back. Anton very nice guy and very helpful. Cabin OK. Everything you need. Maybe a fan in Summer?! Lake very peaceful and tranquil with excellent fishing. We would recommend Trident Lakes to a friend.

Fishing Tactics :

Pop ups over pellets.

Catches :

13 in total, comprising 2 x 40's to 42lb 10oz, 7 x 30's to 34lb 4oz, 4 x 20's to 28lb 10oz.

Mark Dargan

Trident lakes is a cracking place nice and quiet

By Mark Dargan on 25 May 2019

Trident lakes is a cracking place - nice and quiet. Didn’t catch many fish but what we did catch were lovely. The cabin is great. I would recommend it to a friend.

Fishing Tactics :

What worked best was pop ups over corn. Weed needs sorting as kept snagging leads. Could do with more bait freezers a few more bins for rubbish. Just needs a few things sorting 👍

Catches :

7 in total, comprising 2 x 30's to 37lb, 3 x 20's to 28lb 1oz, 1 x 10's to 17lb 8oz and 1 x 5lb pike.