Latest News about Carp Fishing in France at Bigot Lakes

Keep up to date with the latest fishing news in France from 4 top French carp and cat lakes.

Anjou Lake Butterfly Paradise

With temperatures soaring to over 40 degrees putting a stop to the carp feeding, carp angler Terry Cheesman decided to see how many species of butterfly he could spot at Anjou Lake. What he found would rival any butterfly garden on the tourist trail in France.

Experience Carp Fishing in France at Margot Lake

Experience what it's like to be part of Margot Lake's latest run of mega fishing weeks. 'The Social' is a video produced by 6 Margot anglers during their French fishing trip in April 2019. It includes a host of big carp catches, a monster catfish and personal bests being beaten. Produced by Mark Potterton and his Banktramp productions, it's the best Margot video yet.

First 50 Pounder Banked At Trident Lakes

Trident Lake testers set first lake record with a 52lb 4oz mirror. Their short fishing session also saw another of the lake's target fish out at 45lb 12oz. In total, they caught 1 x 50, 1 x 40, 4 x 30s and 8 x 20s over a 4 day period.

Trident Lakes Receives Carp Stock

A total of 110 carp to 49lb and a giant catfish weighing 115lb have been stocked into Trident Lakes. Follow the fish as they make their journey from the fish farm to the lake.

Carp Fishing in France Year 2018

Find out what were the best times to fish for carp and catfish in France in 2018. We analysed 3631 catches from 502 catch reports on 4 different lakes. Some results might surprise you.

Trident Lakes - A Brand New Carp and Cat Fishing Venue in West France

Bigot Lakes launches a brand new carp and cat fishing venue in West France. 30 minutes from the Saint-Malo ferry. Back-to-back carp and catfish lakes. Lakeside accommodation. Natural woodland setting. Stunning location. Find out how to reserve your week before the launch.

Anjou Lake Features

Everything you need to know about the hidden features in Anjou Lake. Paul Cooper is one of the test anglers who fished the lake in October 2018. He took time out to reveal what he found out about the lake's hidden features.

Anjou Lake Opens For Bookings

A chance to fish a brand new French carp lake containing virgin carp over 50lb doesn't come round often. The long anticipated opening of Anjou Lake is here at last. Jim Kelly and Paul Cooper tested the lake in October 2018.

Bigot Lakes About To Launch Brand New Big Carp Venue

An undiscovered French lake full of natural food sources. Carp left alone for years to grow. Biggest carp size unknown. That's as close as you could get to experiencing the heady days of the pioneer carp anglers of old.

Margot Lake Netting August 2018

See some of Margot Lake's carp and catfish at its summer netting on 28th August 2018. You can also see small and nuisance fish being removed.

Morgane Cat Lake 2018

Watch this rare video of the catfish lake drained down and netted. Also features lots of the big catfish catches from 2017.

Morgane Carp Lake 2018

Watch a video of all the carp in the Morgane carp lake as at January 2018 and see why this venue comes top for carp runs at Bigot Lakes.

Morgane Lakes Year End Fishing Report 2017

Everything you want to know about the fishing at Morgane Lakes in 2017. Find out how many fish were caught per angler, what the biggest carp and catfish weighed, when the big hits happened and lots of other interesting fishing facts about Morgane Lakes.

Lords Lake Year End Fishing Report 2017

Everything you want to know about the fishing at Lords Lake in 2017. Find out what the biggest carp and catfish weighed, how many fish were caught per angler and lots of other fishing facts about Lords Lake.

Commons Lake Year End Fishing Report 2017

Everything you want to know about the fishing at Commons Lake in 2017. Find out how many fish were caught per angler, what the biggest carp and catfish weighed, when the big hits happened and lots of other interesting fishing facts about Commons Lake.

Margot Lake Year End Fishing Report 2017

Everything you want to know about the fishing at Margot Lake in 2017. Find out how many fish were caught per angler, what the biggest carp and catfish weighed, when the big hits happened and lots of other interesting Margot fishing facts.

Margot Lake Annual Summer Netting 2017

Margot's summer netting video shows off its carp and catfish in 2017. It's not the usual gentle affair this year - in soaring temperatures, the priority is to return the fish to the lake with minimum delay.

Mid Season Catch Report in Numbers

Everything you need to know about this year's catches at your favourite Bigot Lake. Find out the average number of fish caught per angler, the percentage of big fish and much more.

Newsflash - Big One Caught at Margot. Winner Announced

Margot regular Mark Bushell drops a big surprise by announcing the big carp winner after he catches his stunning starburst mirror. As luck would have it, Mark's video camera is still recording while he's telling Shirley about some of his other stunning captures. Then the moment comes when he breaks the news about fellow angler Dean Richardson.

Watch Morgane Carp in 60 Seconds

The latest annual netting showcases the fish in Morgane carp lake. It's a tantalising preview of the 2017 carp fishing season at this renowned french carp and cat venue.

Margot Fish in 60 Seconds

Watch a 60 second video of the fish you can catch at Margot. A lake netting takes place annually in August to harvest zander for the local market, giving a unique opportunity to show off the carp and cats during the fishing season.

The Smart Way to Fish Morgane Lakes

Gary Smart is a veteran who's pretty knowledgeable about how to catch fish at this famous old French venue. Here we use Gary's detailed comments to help us share the kind of information he found helpful when he fished these lakes for the first time.

How's the Fishing in France?

Our most frequently asked question is 'how's it fishing?' It's what all anglers want to know when they are looking forward to their fishing trip. The information in this article is a summary of the fishing reports from 40 anglers across our 5 very different lakes. For detailed information about a particular lake, just click on the lake's tab and go to Reviews.

60lb Common Caught at Commons Lake

Billy Thomas smashes his PB and claims the first ever 60 pounder to be caught at Commons Lake. He also banked a new PB mirror at 51lb. His mate Billy Pradfoot also managed the double with a new PB common of 45lb and a new PB mirror of 44lb. Their tally so far this week is 20 carp averaging a whopping 40lb.

A Taste of Margot

We've reviewed footage from recent nettings at Margot and trawled through the latest catch reports to see what weights were recorded by anglers when the fish we identified were caught. We chose fish that we could identify easily, including a scaly mirror, a fat common, a koi carp and a mandarin catfish.

More carp runs in store at Lords Lake in 2016

The carp just stocked into the lake come straight from the Bigot stock lakes. 25 young virgin carp were stocked in total. The weights were mostly between 20 and 25lb, but included a stunning koi carp of 17lb. There are so many big carp in the lake that the average carp weight after this stocking is unlikely to have dipped below 30lb.

Our Exclusive Carp Fishing Lakes Now Have Spacious Lakeside Chalets

We've just installed identical chalets at all of our exclusive carp lakes. The chalets are spacious, fully insulated and have heating and double glazed windows. This means that whether you're fishing at Lords, Commons or Morgane Lakes, you can enjoy the same amount of space and comfort.

Commons Lake Annual Netting Shows its Carp and Catfish

See what carp and cats you can expect to catch if you go carp fishing in France at Commons Lake. The annual winter netting shows off some of its stunning common and mirror carp, plus a few of the resident catfish. The 'kittens' and silver fish were also removed during the netting.

Morgane Lakes Adds 16 Scaly French Carp to its Carp Fishing Lake.

Good news if you're going carp fishing in France at Morgane Lakes this year. Laurent Bigot just added 16 beautifully scaled mirror carp to the carp fishing lake, and that's not the only good news! The facilities have received a major upgrade with the delivery of a spacious mobile chalet. Laurent thinks that this year's anglers are going to be extremely pleased.

55lb Mirror Caught at Lords Lake

Darren Jones caught this carp during a carp fishing session back in June 2015. It was a new PB for Darren and a new lake record carp at Lords Lake. So how did news of remain secret for over 6 months? Darren’s catch came to light on the 5th of January 2016 when he phoned to arrange his next fishing trip to France. He mentioned that he’d caught a lifetime best 55lb mirror during his final few hours at Lords Lake.