Customer Reviews About Carp Fishing at Morgane Lakes in France

What customers say about carp fishing in France at Morgane Lakes, including their catch reports and general comments.

Paul Marsh


By Paul Marsh on 17 October 2020

Excellent. Well kept, clean and tidy. All you need for a great fishing holiday. As always on a Bigot lake we caught quality, clean fish.

Fishing Tactics: Live/dead baits for cats. Boilies, pop ups and particle for carp.

65 Fish:

17 Carp - 1 x 40, 13 x 30s, 2 x 20s and 1 x 17 from the cat lake.

48 Cats - 7 x 80s, 6x 70s, 10 x 60s, 12 x 50s, 4 x 40s, 8 x 30s and 1 x 20

Paul Hardy

Very Well Kept Lake

By Paul Hardy on 3 October 2020

Morgane lake is a very well kept lake with quality fish stocked. It is always clean and tidy and is a pleasure to fish. All the staff are great and will help you all they can. See you in March.

Fishing Tactics: Plenty of mixed particle fished over with Cell & Krill. Fishing started slowly until I introduced more bait, which got them moving. The weather had been very warm before I arrived and then it dropped to 10 degrees with wind and rain. The fishing picked up and by Monday was producing 3 to 4 fish a day.

15 Carp: 2 x 40s, 7 x 30s and 6 x 20s (including 2 koi carp and a grass).

Warren Guess

Another Fantastic Week

By Warren Guess on 22 August 2020

10/10. Another fantastic week with loads of fish. Staff really helpful. Cats exhausting as always!! Accommodation good - will come again.

Fishing Tactics: Pellets on the cat lake. Boilies and particle on the carp lake.

59 Fish:

36 Carp - 1 x 40, 11 x 30s, 7 x 20s, 14 x 10 - 20s and 3 under 10lb.

2 Grass Carp - 1 x 39 and 1 x 25

21 Catfish - 3 x 80s, 1 x 70, 2 x 60s, 8 x 50s, 1 x 40, 3 x 30s and 3 x 20s.

Lewis Warhurst

Good Value For Money

By Lewis Warhurst on 15 August 2020

Been a good week, ideal for 3 people and good value for money. Facilities excellent. More emphasis on fish care when fishing in hot weather especially. Slow at times due to hot weather, but a good week.

Fishing Tactics: Cell and spinner rigs, particle and pellets on cat lake worked best.

40 Fish:

33 Carp - 3 x 40s (2 grass), 12 x 30s (2 grass), 5 x 20s (1 grass), 9 teens (3 koi) and 4 small from the cat lake.

7 Cats - 2 x 80s, 2 x 50s, 2 x 30s and 1 x 20.

Iain Talbot

Perfect Facilities

By Iain Talbot on 8 August 2020

The facilities were perfect. Would take shelter for shade, as there is no natural shade with trees on the cat lake taken out. Hard fishing this week. Bailiff really friendly and helpful.

Fishing Tactics: A mix of particle, pellet and boilies were used.

19 Fish:

16 Carp - 6 x 30s (1 grass), 2 x 20s, 3 x teens (1 koi) and 5 small from the cat lake.

3 Cats - 1 x 80, 1 x 60 and 1 x 50.

Martin Grice

Non Stop Action On Cat Lake

By Martin Grice on 1 August 2020

Our 4th trip and great as always. The catfish lake is amazing - had the biggest cat in the lake at 120lb+. The carp lake is always more challenging, but the fishing has changed. The aerator is very powerful and we were getting lots of false bites with branches and snags flowing around the lake and into our lines. The facilities are good, although the pull out bed in the living room isn't very clean. The shower is great.

Fishing Tactics: Pellet/makerel/squid on the cat lake for non-stop action. We were even catching cats on the drop from the boat and trailing carp baits. On the carp lake, snowman rigs, and yellow pop ups worked best with tuna and SLK boilies.

55 Fish:

31 Carp - 11 x 30s (5 grass), 7 x 20s (including a koi), 6 x teens and 7 small from the cat lake.

24 Cats - 1 x 120+, 2 x 80s, 2 x 70s, 6 x 60s, 4 x 50s, 3 x 40s and 6 x 30s.

Jake Doody

10/10. Great Place

By Jake Doody on 25 July 2020

10/10. Great place. A very good venue and we would definitely return.

Fishing Tactics: for catfish - meat. For carp - anything worked.

68 Fish:

21 Carp - 1 x 40, 6 x 30s, 6 x 20s (including a koi carp) and 8 teens from the cat lake.

47 Cats - 5 x 80s, 5 x 70s, 10 x 60s, 13 x 50s, 7 x 40s, 6 x 30s and 1 x 11lb albino.

Sam Butler


By Sam Butler on 18 July 2020

10/10 - would recommend to anyone. Chalet is perfect for what you need. Fishing very good - boat very useful on cat lake. Would 100% return.

Fishing Tactics: Tiger nuts worked best for carp. Luncheon meat and halibut pellet worked best for cats.

58 Fish including 13 PBs:

35 Carp - 7 x 30s (5 grass), 5 x 20s, 10 teens and 13 small (most teens and all small carp were from the cat lake).

23 catfish - 4 x 80s, 2 x 70s, 5 x 60s, 6 x 50s, 4 x 40s, 1 x 30 and 1 x 20.

Darren Smith & Barry Plummer

Very Good

By Darren Smith & Barry Plummer on 11 July 2020

Very good lakes and facilities. Loved the option of fishing for carp and cats on different lakes. Facilities good, fish pristine and weather a bonus.

Fishing Tactics: Cat lake - any fishy baits. Carp lake - wafter, snowman rigs & pop ups, tiger nut and 57 (DNA).

29 Fish, including 11 PBs:

12 Carp - 8 x 30s, 2 x 20s, 1 x 18 and 1 x 8lb ghost.

7 Grass Carp - 2 x 40s, 3 x 30s and 2 x 20s.

10 Cats - 2 x 80s, 1 x 70, 1 x 60, 3 x 50s, 1 x 40, 1 x 30 and 1 x 20.

Mark Johnson

Excellent Lake

By Mark Johnson on 2 November 2019

Excellent lake and facilities. Good kitchen and hot shower. Water way down on cat lake and pontoon very slippery and dangerous when wet, but other than that we had an excellent time again.

Fishing Tactics: Boilies on the carp lake and boilies and pellet on the cat lake.

54 Fish:

30 Carp - 1 x 40, 12 x 30s, 12 x 20s (1 koi), 4 x teens and 1 small.

24 Catfish - 1 x 90, 5 x 80s, 3 x 70s, 8 x 60s, 4 x 50s, 1 x 40 and 2 x 30s.