Customer Reviews About Carp Fishing at Margot Lake in France

What customers say about carp fishing in France at Margot Lake, including their catch reports and general comments.

Mick Palin and John Green


By Mick Palin and John Green on 16 November 2019

10/10 for the fishing. Kitchen could do with a bit of a make over.

Fishing Tactics: Tigers with Cell boilies.

31 Carp: 6 x 40s, 8 x 30s, 14 x 20s (including a koi and a grass carp), 1 x 17, 1 x 15 and 1 x 10lb.

Bob Andrews and Steve Hills

Good As Usual

By Bob Andrews and Steve Hills on 9 November 2019

Good as usual. Need new lights in cooking area and washroom. All other things OK.

Fishing Tactics: Tigers and boilies at long range worked best.

40 Fish:

38 Carp - 7 x 40s (including a koi), 15 x 30s, 14 x 20s and 1 x 18lb.

2 Cats: 1 x 102lb and 1 x 99lb.

Steve Bell and Simon Manners

Smashed It!

By Steve Bell and Simon Manners on 2 November 2019

10/10. Got very wet this week, but emptied the lake!

Fishing Tactics: Small patches of bait. Tigers worked best.

91 Fish:

85 Carp - 17 x 40s, 21 x 30s, 31 x 20s, 12 x teens (including 2 koi) and 4 small.

2 Grass Carp - 1 x 50 and 1 x 20.

4 Catfish - 1 x 102lb, 1 x 70, 1 x 60 and 1 x 20.

Damien Wilson

Fishing Was Excellent

By Damien Wilson on 26 October 2019

We fished here a number of years ago and the fishing was excellent. We were not disappointed. More water would have been better. We fished the cabin and the use of the facilities was very helpful. It would have been good for the cooker hob to show the controls and to have more hobs to use, but everything else was excellent. Showers, hot water etc. very good. We will be back!

Fishing Tactics: CC Moore wafter singles over mixed particle + boilie (Live).

Catch: 45 Fish:

29 Carp - 4 x 40s, 10 x 30s and 15 x 20s. 9 Grass - 7 x 30s, 1 x 20 and 1 x 17. 7 Cats - 1 x 100, 1 x 90, 2 x 60s and 3 x 50s.

Peter Vertigan

Super As Usual

By Peter Vertigan on 26 October 2019

Super as usual, but there is an awful smell coming from the drain in Swim 2 and the boat there has no bung/water drain plug, so unable to use it.

Fishing Tactics: Single boilie hook baits worked better than beds of bait.

16 Carp: 3 x 40s, 5 x 30s (1 grass), 5 x 20s ( 1grass) and 3 small.

Steven Mansfield and Gavin Yerrell

Enjoyable Trip As Always

By Steven Mansfield and Gavin Yerrell on 26 October 2019

Enjoyable trip as always. Facilities clean and tidy. Water levels were the worst we've seen, which made fishing difficult. Waders are essential for the safe landing and release of fish. Lake was almost dead for us from Tuesday evening, but highlight of my trip was a PB mirror of 46lb 15oz.

Fishing Tactics: Tigers topped with plastic corn and pop ups with Ronnie Rigs.

Catch: 2 x 40s, 2 x 30s and 4 x 20s (including 2 grass).

Darren Fordred

Great Week Fishing

By Darren Fordred on 19 October 2019

A great week's fishing in some difficult conditions. The weather was extremely bad at times, with low water levels. The facilities are ideal, with plenty of fridges etc. The shower was great and the kitchen was ok, although it could do with more plates and cutlery for big groups like ours. It would be good if the swims were dug out a couple of feet deeper to protect these great fish from getting damaged when being landed.

Great week! Thanks, looking forward to coming back.

Fishing Tactics: Some lovely fish in very good condition took a mixture of flavoured boilies and tiger nuts.

61 Carp: 11 x 40s, 17 x 30s (1 grass), 22 x 20s (1 grass and 1 koi), 8 x teens and 3 small.

Malcom Huggett

Well Equipped Facilities

By Malcom Huggett on 12 October 2019

Clean and well equipped facilities. Water level low on arrival, which was a bit of a shock, but fished reasonably well considering the weather.

Fishing Tactics: Double tigers and pink pop up combo.

21 carp - 1 x 40, 6 x 30s, 13 x 20s and 1 x 18. 3 Cats - 1 x 60, 1 x 40 and 1 x 30.

Bryan Holmes

4 Anglers Bag 111 Fish

By Bryan Holmes on 5 October 2019

Fishing was very good. Shame about the chats, but with the correct approach these are avoided. Facilities served purpose well. Shame someone had damaged the door, which was replaced on our last day. Good average size fish, but would be nice for a few bigger fish.

Bigot Lakes: Very well done to all 4 anglers on your Margot Mega Hit.

Fishing Tactics: Tiger nut over particles for carp. Pellet for catfish.

111 Fish:

96 Carp - 20 x 40s, 29 x 30s, 32 x 20s, 10 teens and 5 under 10lb.

11 Grass carp - 3 x 40s, 4 x 30s and 4 x 20s.

4 Catfish - 1 x 102lb and 3 x 40s.

John Clarkson

Fished Well

By John Clarkson on 28 September 2019

Fished well, but chats caused lots of problems. Lake and facilities looking a bit tired and left in a very poor state by previous anglers. Note from Bigot Lakes: Just to clarify that the comment about previous anglers refers to an unnamed group who fished Margot on the week ending 21st September and does not refer to any of the fine people who appear on these pages.

Fishing Tactics: Tigers and meshed baits.

84 Fish:

53 Carp - 6 x 40s, 15 x 30s, 27 x 20s, 4 x teens and 1 x 8lb.

30 Grass Carp - 1 x 50, 5 x 40s, 11 x 30s, 10 x 20s and 3 teens

1 Catfish - 96lb