Customer Reviews About Carp Fishing at Margot Lake in France

What customers say about carp fishing in France at Margot Lake, including their catch reports and general comments.

Lewis Bastin

Great Week

By Lewis Bastin on 14 September 2019

Great Week!

Fishing Tactics: Tiger nuts worked best

24 Carp: 5 x 40s (1 grass), 5 x 30s (3 grass), 12 x 20s (6 grass), 1 x 19 and 1 small carp.

Peter Keenan

Love The Place

By Peter Keenan on 14 September 2019

Fourth visit, love the place. The lake is stunning, the poisson chat are a real problem now and new anglers to the lake need to be made aware, because a boilie approach won’t work. If you want and an uncrowded lake, relaxed with plenty of water to fish to, Margot is the venue for you.

Facilities are good, lake is stunning, Margot is an excellent water; quiet and peaceful; the rules are simple and not over the top like some other lakes.

Fishing Tactics: Find your spots keep spot topped up with bait and the fish come to you.

32 Carp and a 13lb zander:

5 x 40s, 6 x 30s (1grass), 9 x 30s, 9 x 20s, 5 x teens (2 koi) and 3 small.

Mark Dargan

Love The Place

By Mark Dargan on 7 September 2019

Cracking lake, been 5 times - love the place. Lake and facilities 5 star.

Fishing Tactics: Tigers over corn worked best.

62 Fish:

50 carp - 7 x 40s, 24 x 30s, 7 x 20s, 8 x teens and 4 under 10lb.

9 Grass carp - 1 x 50, 1 x 40, 5 x 30s and 2 x 20s

3 Koi Carp - 16 to 19lb.

Paul Davies

Lovely Lake

By Paul Davies on 24 August 2019

Second time at Margot. Lovely lake and atmosphere. Left alone, which is nice. Facilities are A1. One suggestion is a portaloo by Swims 6, 7 and 8.

Fishing Tactics: Tiger nut with pop up and particle worked best.

28 Fish:

15 Carp - 5 x 40s, 5 x 30s, 4 x 20s and 1 x 15. 11 Grass Carp - 1 x 40, 3 x 30s, 7 x 20s 1 x koi at 15lb.

1 Catfish - at 65lb

Phil Blunsum

Lake Seems A Bit Unloved

By Phil Blunsum on 17 August 2019

The lake seems a bit unloved. Nobody bothers to clean up the hundreds of plastic shotgun cases or tries to scoop out the thousands of baby shat catfish. I have scooped thousands and picked up many plastic shotgun cases from around my peg. The venue needs some effort put into chat crayfish control - scooping to get rid of the babies and trapping and rod and line fishing to get the numbers down. Maybe incentivise your anglers to remove them with a prize for the angler who can pull out the most.? The shower does not drain very well - plunger needed I think!

Fishing Tactics: Lives for the cats tied off to island. Crays and chat catfish were causing problems for carp fishing, but tigers seemed OK.

6 cats: 1 x 111lb, 2 x 90s, 1 x 80, 1 x 60 and 1 x 50.

Peter Nutter

Been Coming For 8 Years

By Peter Nutter on 17 August 2019

Been coming for 8 years or so, so can't be that bad. Great lake and top notch facilities. Just struggled to get past the poisson chat - could do with thinning out - lake would benefit.

Fishing Tactics: Meshed boilie worked best.

20 Carp - 2 x 40s, 6 x 30s, 3 x 20s, 5 x 10s and 4 small.

Ian Banyard

Love It

By Ian Banyard on 10 August 2019

Love it - been coming for years. Everything great as usual.

Fishing Tactics: Particle, pellet and tigers worked best.

82 Fish:

70 Carp - 1 x 50, 4 x 40s, 24 x 30s, 23 x 20s, 7 x under 20 and 10 under 10lb.

7 Grass carp - 1 x 40, 1 x 30 and 5 x 20s

2 Catfish - 1 x 70 and 1 x 60

3 Koi - 2 x 20s and 1 x 17

Andy Briscoe

Great Week Fishing

By Andy Briscoe on 20 July 2019

A great week of fishing – with plenty of fish caught.

Almost everyone beat their PB’s for Mirrors, Commons, and Grass Carp. Poisson Chat weren’t too much of an issue - Tiger Nuts pretty much put paid to them (and went down well with all 3 flavours of Carp!).

On the whole the facilities were good. Freezer space was sufficient, but could do with a bit more fridge space (to better accommodate 8 anglers with a week’s worth of food).

Fishing Tactics: Tiger nuts x 2 worked best.

83 Carp: 2 x 50s (grass), 9 x 40s (3 grass), 28 x 30s (14 grass), 37 x 20s (12 grass, 1 koi), 7 x teens (2 grass).

Adam Hunt

Great Cooking Facilities

By Adam Hunt on 13 July 2019

Unsettled weather, but would come again to have another go. Great cooking facilities.

Fishing Tactics: Tigers with maize for carp and live bait for the cats.

1 x 78lb cat, 1 x 45lb cat and 4 x 20lb carp (2 grass).

Lee Slayford


By Lee Slayford on 6 July 2019

Awesome - Can't wait to come back.

Fishing Tactics - Tiger nuts over a big bed of bait.

31 catches total: 17 Carp - 8 x 30'3 to 39lb, 7 x 20's to 29lb, 2 x teens

14 Grass Carp - 1 x 58lb, 2 x 40s, 10 x 30s and 1 x 20