Customer Reviews About Carp Fishing at Margot Lake in France

What customers say about carp fishing in France at Margot Lake, including their catch reports and general comments.

Steve Inns

4 x 50s and 2 Giant Catfish

By Steve Inns on 26 March 2021

I've fished Margot several times. It holds a good amount of big carp. Also had 2 catfish - unable to weigh them by myself. The Wells was 2 metres long (that's way above 100lb) and the mandarin cat weighed approx 100lb.

Margot's got what you need. The swims have plenty of space and plenty of water to each swim.

Fishing Tactics: I dropped my rigs with a handful of tiger nuts. Within 3 metres I dropped 3kg of boilie and pellet per rod. The fish came from the left margin from swim 3 and the right margin from swim 5.

Catch: 4 x 50s, 1 x 40' 5 x 30s and 2 x 100lb+ catfish.

David Biagioni

Lake is Brilliant

By David Biagioni on 10 October 2020

The lake is brilliant. Facilities are great and everything you need is here. Laurent and Sharon are always very helpful if you do need anything. Margot is great as always -this is the 5th time I've been here and I'll be back next year.

Fishing Tactics: I fished Peg 3 as I was on the lake on my own and wanted to be close to the facilities. All fish came off big beds of bait - boilie and particle between 60 and 80 yards straight out.

29 Fish: 17 Carp - 6 x 40s, 6 x 30s and 5 x 20s. 10 Grass - 4 x 30s and 6 x 20s. 2 Cats - 1 x 50 and 1 x 30.

Thomas Lawlor

Lovely Place

By Thomas Lawlor on 3 October 2020

Lovely place, very good lake and facilities. Be back again.

Fishing Tactics: Snowman rigs worked best

16 Carp: 2 x 50s, 3 x 40s, 7 x 30s, 2 x 20s and 2 x 18/19

Mark Dargan

Great Place To Fish

By Mark Dargan on 3 October 2020

Great place to fish. Ten out of 10 for lake and facilities - everything you need for a week's fishing. Enjoyed my stay yet again and we will be back in June 2021.

Fishing Tactics: Tigers over particle worked best.

12 Carp: 1 x 50, 2 x 40s, 8 x 30s (including a grass) and 1 x 20.

Paul Lynch

Excellent All Round

By Paul Lynch on 12 September 2020

Excellent all round. We met mice, ducks, flies, wild boar, heron, buzzards, grass carp, common carp and mirror carp. Very large swims, so plenty of room for dancing around naked.

Fishing Tactics: Find your spots and stick to them. Used boilie over particle.

27 Fish:

12 Carp - 4 x 40s, 3 x 30s and 5 x 20s. 15 Grass - 2 x 40s, 7 x 30s and 6 x 20s.

Robert Hill

Brilliant Week Fishing

By Robert Hill on 5 September 2020

Brilliant week fishing. A bit too many grass carp, but once you get through them you are rewarded. Also rig checks would be beneficial because we noticed quite a few dangerous rigs on fish trailling line. Otherwise excellent fishery - up to 60 fish between two of us and still one night to go. Facilities excellent. Could do with one more shower and a porta loo between 6 and 8, but good other than that.

Fishing Tactics: Find hard clear clay spots and stick to them. Tiger nuts work best to avoid poisson chat.

65 Fish:

32 Carp - 14 x 40s, 10 x 30s, 6 x 20s and 2 x teens (1 koi).

33 Grass - 2 x 50s, 9 x 40s, 10 x 30s, 11 x 20s and 1 x 16

Sean Finning


By Sean Finning on 22 August 2020

Brilliant. Couldn't fault the venue and can't wait to come back.

Fishing Tactics: Sweetcorn, maize pop ups.

30 Carp: 2 x 40s, 21 x 30s (3 grass), 6 x 20s (1 grass and 1 x koi) and 1 x 14.

Paul Davies

Another Good Week

By Paul Davies on 15 August 2020

Another good week. Flies were a pain, but Margot and its facilities are perfect for a week away. Will return again.

Fishing Tactics: Tigers and maize to island or middle of the lake worked best.

37 Carp: 5 x 40s (4 grass), 20 x 30s (13 grass), 11 x 20s (6 grass) and 1 x 15.

Peter Nutter

First Class

By Peter Nutter on 8 August 2020

Very good as usual. Lake - first class. Facilities - top notch, just what you need.

Fishing Tactics: Used meshed boilies.

13 Carp: 1 x 47, 5 x 30s, 3 x 20s and 4 under 20.

Jason Lee and George Orchard

Great Place

By Jason Lee and George Orchard on 1 August 2020

Great place. Very clean and showers good. A few too many chat.

Fishing Tactics: Tiger nuts on gravel/clay road (ancient underwater lane).

8 Fish: 1 x 58lb grass carp, 6 x 40s (2 carp and 4 grass carp) and 1 x 35lb carp