Customer Reviews About Carp Fishing at Lords Lake in France

What customers say about carp fishing in France at Lords Lake, including their catch reports and general comments.

Ryan, Andy and Paul Jones

Exceptional Week

By Ryan, Andy and Paul Jones on 14 September 2019

Facilities have been fantastic at Lord’s, lovely shower with hot water. Lake has been very kind. Carp cradles need updating now, very poor condition.

Fishing Tactics: Snowman or pop ups over particle and pellet with chopped and whole boilies. Not big beds, just for one bite at a time. Map of spots see below.

Overall exceptional week at Lord’s we will be returning. Personal bests set 12 times.

21 Fish and one kitten:

19 Carp - 1 x 50, 1 x 40, 11 x 30s (1 grass) and 6 x 20s (1 grass). Catfish - 2 x 80s.

Rob Halstead

Nice Lake. Good Setting.

By Rob Halstead on 7 September 2019

Nice quiet lake in a good setting. Enjoyed a relaxing week. Facilities had every thing you needed - toilet, shower and cooking facilities. Luxury by our usual fishing standards. Cabin could generally do with some TLC - cleaned cooking kit before we used. Could do with policing a little. Fished well to left, badly to right. Couldn't figure out why, but not the best for man on right.

Fishing Tactics: Bed of particle with mini boilie and small high attracts over the top. Left and far bank productive for carp (right not so good). Big smelly bait over pellet for cats. Casting singles at showing fish also produced bites.

11 Fish:

7 carp - 2 x 30s and 5 x 20s (2 grass). 4 Cats - 1 x 90, 2 x 80s and 1 x 40.

Darren and Terry Goldhawk

Great Venue Excellent Facilities

By Darren and Terry Goldhawk on 31 August 2019

Great venue facilities are excellent. For our first time fishing in France it was an excellent week and we enjoyed it very much. Will defo be back.

Fishing Tactics: Big beds of mixed particle with pellets and boilies (chop/crumb) to the far bank. Left side produced the most fish. All catches were at night or at first light.

12 Fish: Carp - 1 x 50, 2 x 40s, 5 x 30s and 3 x 20s. Cats - 1 x 24lb.

Gary Ritchie and Sean Hitchin

Great Week

By Gary Ritchie and Sean Hitchin on 24 August 2019

Great week from start to finish. Everything was great - no problems at all.

Fishing Tactics: Pop ups and bottom baits over particles.

14 fish:

9 carp - 1 x 50, 5 x 30s and 3 x 20s. 3 grass carp - 1 x 30 and 2 x 20s. 2 cats - 1 x 70 and 1 x 20. Also caught 3 kittens.

Steve, Stuart & Phil Morgan


By Steve, Stuart & Phil Morgan on 17 August 2019

Accommodation excellent. Shower very good (always hot). Fishing was slow in direct sunlight and cold nights, but fished well when overcast.

Fishing Tactics: Beds of particle 3/4 down the lake and about 10 boilies + a few chops. Wafters and pop ups worked best.

23 Fish:

20 carp - 1 x 40, 8 x 30s (1 grass), 10 x 20s (2 grass) and 1 x 18lb grass carp.

3 cats - 1 x 80, 1 x 70 and a kitten

Barry Costello

Hard Fishing

By Barry Costello on 10 August 2019

Fishing very hard this week. Facilities are very good - basic and clean.

Fishing and Catches: Lake switched off. Only small cats took the bait this time.

Alan Topley & Ollie Robinson

Great value For Money

By Alan Topley & Ollie Robinson on 27 July 2019

Great value for money and plenty of fish to be had. Perfect lodge on swim with cooker and microwave. Nice shower and ideal for 2 anglers.

Fishing Tactics: Big bed of boilies, pellet and particles spread around your area. Catching spots were all across the far margin (left, middle and right), 3/4 of the way to the far margin (middle and right) and left and right margins (half way).

23 Fish, including 5 new PBs:

1 x 40, 10 x 30s (3 grass), 8 x 20s (4 grass), 3 x teens (1 koi) and a 91lb catfish.

Nigel Riggs

2nd Trip

By Nigel Riggs on 20 July 2019

2nd trip here. Could do with a few more dishes to put in the microwave and a few extra knives would be handy. Lodge needs a bit of TLC.

Fishing Tactics: Boat full of bait to far bank. Dead midday.

10 fish, and a PB catfish: 1 x 46lb 14oz, 2 x 30s, 5 x 20s (2 grass) and 1 x 19lb grass.

Richard Butler

Hot Weather Made Fishing Hard

By Richard Butler on 13 July 2019

Very nice facilities, good shower (always hot water) fridge and freezer. Laurent and Shirley top notch as always. Shops nice and close. Very warm, making it hard work with the fishing. Hard fishing, but with effort great to be on a venue that you can still catch despite that (that's fishing).

Fishing Tactics: Very small amounts of bait. Left hand margin, right down to the corner. Tigers and corn caught best (pellets just caught kittens, of which we had loads).

9 Carp - 3 x 30s (1 grass) and 6 x 20s. Biggest carp - 39lb 12 oz mirror.

Matthew Moran

OK But Not Big Enough For 4

By Matthew Moran on 6 July 2019

The place was OK, needs grass in the swim for a bivvy.

Not big enough for 4 fishing, left the lake on Thursday, not much happening.

Tactics: Not many - too hot in day.

Catches: Matthew: 1 x Cat 84lb (lost one) Alistair - 1 x Cat 74lb, 2 x Mirrors to 37lb 5oz (PB) 1 mirror at 28lb (lost two) Toby - 2 x Mirrors at 25lb 6oz and 34lb 4oz (lost 4).