Customer Reviews About Carp Fishing at Commons Lake in France

What customers say about carp fishing in France at Commons Lake, including their catch reports and general comments.

Scott Ratcliffe

Great Lake. Great Fish.

By Scott Ratcliffe on 2 November 2019

Great lake with good facilities - everything you need for a week's fishing. Great fish to be caught.

Fishing Tactics: Carpballs Nutty Krill caught all the fish.

13 Carp: 1 x 60, 3 x 40s, 8 x 30s and 1 x 18.

kevin Jones and Colin Forrest

Everything You Want From a Fishery and More

By kevin Jones and Colin Forrest on 26 October 2019

Overall great. Lots of fish showing all over the lake. Everything you want from a fishery and more. Will be back again and hopefully we will get amongst the carp next time. Facilities very good - warm and dry with a lovely hot shower. Great place and left alone to fish in peace.

Fishing Tactics: Snowman baits fished tight to the bank worked best - couldn't get a pick up in open water.

3 x 30s, 1 x 20, 1 x 12 and 1 small cat.

Paul and Kathy Marsh

Can't Wait to Come Back

By Paul and Kathy Marsh on 19 October 2019

2nd visit here, so we think it's great. Had a 29 hour power cut because of bad hail storm, then you have no cooking facilities, fridge, freezer or shower. So may be worth bringing some cooked food for emergencies. Waders a must when water's low. Quality stock of fish. Well worth a trip.Can't wait to come back. Fishing isn't always easy, but worth the wait. Kathy says 'sorts the best fishermen out from the boys' LOL. Thank you Laurent and Sharon.

Fishing Tactics: Pick your spots, bait and wait. Snowmen over beds of bait worked best.

29 Fish:

26 Carp - 1 x 50, 8 x 40s, 12 x 30s, 2 x 20s and 3 small. 3 Cats - 1 x 108lb, 1 x 92lb and 1 x 75lb.

Also caught a zander and 2 kittens.

Steve Barber

Fantastic Fish

By Steve Barber on 12 October 2019

Fantastic fish - second to none. A couple of fish did have some issues, maybe due to poor handling. Cabin had everything necessary - even able to make amazing Yorkshires and overcame the 'one shelf' issue no problem. In its perfect condition it would be an amazing fishery. Rats and coypu were not too much of an issue, although were frustrating.

Generally very good, however water level is a problem. Half of the lake was almost unfishable due to this and made the fishing much tighter. Freezer space is very low if full capacity anglers.

Fishing Tactics: Finding deeper water over 3 ft. Wafters, snowmen and not over feeding worked best.

23 carp - 1 x 60, 2 x 50s, 6 x 40s, 13 x 30s (1 grass) and 1 x 20 (grass). 1 x 96lb catfish.

Freddie Luff

Fish In fantastic Condition

By Freddie Luff on 5 October 2019

Fish are fantastic condition. Perfect for drive and survive. Coypus are a real problem, wouldn't return until they are sorted out. They keep you up all night. Water level is far too low, wasn't told it was this bad - waders a must.

Bigot lakes Note: The Need to bring waders was mentioned in the Reviews dated 7th and 21st September. Although we have had some rain, water levels remain low and advice to bring waders remains in place.

Fishing Tactics: Snowman rigs, bright tippers, blowback rigs. Bait areas and wait. Taking rods out for a few hours gets fish moving and active.

22 carp - 1 x 50, 4 x 40s, 9 x 30s, 5 x 20s, 1 x 19 and 2 small. 3 cats (7 - 11lb).

Dean Boast

Perfect Facilities

By Dean Boast on 28 September 2019

Perfect facilities for a drive and survive trip. Space to dry clothing as weather was bad. Cooking facilities spot on. We came 4 years ago, lake was in better condition, no vermin then, now it's really bad, rats and coypu. Fish are big and in amazing condition. New cradles a must (Note: already on order and awaiting delivery).

Fishing Tactics: Bottom baits, wafters and tipped baits to middle and far margin.

25 Carp: 3 x 50s, 7 x 40s, 12 x 30s, 2 x 20s and 1 x 17lb. Also caught 2 kittens.

Neil Marklew & Gary Smart

Amazing Fishing

By Neil Marklew & Gary Smart on 21 September 2019

Amazing fishing as ever. Can't wait til next time. Have been many times to Bigot Lakes and twice to Commons. The cabin is adequate at best, now a little smelly and door won't even catch now, let alone lock. There is a big rat and coypu problem here that could be dealt with. Biggest issue is the cradles (need replacing).

Having had that moan the fishing has been nothing short of phenomenal - you find yourself saying things like "only another 40". It's not an easy water but like most of the Bigot Lakes if you work hard, use decent rigs and bait and feed sensibly; you can be rewarded with pristine fish to an amazing size.

This is our 7th trip to a Bigot lake and each time we have come away with multiple PBs (5 this time). I can't think of a better way to spend a week fishing in France. Nice to meet Sharon, who is helping out. Love to Shirley and Martin (nuff said).

Just a note for future anglers this year: Water level is really low after a long drought. Waders a good idea for landing and returning big fish. Unless confirmed that new cradles are in place, bring something with you.

Reply from Laurent: New Nash monster cradles from the UK were ordered and paid for some weeks ago, but we are experiencing problems with the delivery. Please bear with us while we get this sorted and many thanks for once again helping us to keep other anglers informed with really useful information.

Fishing Tactics: Find your spots and stick to them, bait areas more at start of week and then ease off. We caught most fishing from the cabin bank - we set markers at 26 wraps (left side) and 28 wraps (right side). We then fed in between and put all rods on them. Bottom baits + snowmen boated out. We caught on CC Moore Live + Pacific Tuna.

22 carp: 2 x 50s, 7 x 40s, 10 x 30s and 2 x 20s. 1 Catfish: 66lb. 2 kittens.

James Brockbank

Excellent Fishing

By James Brockbank on 14 September 2019

Fishing was excellent facilities have everything needed. May need some updating - cradles need replacing fish could get damaged.

The lake and fish were great. The rats are becoming a massive problem now hardly any on the first trip but now they are running around our bivvies all night.

Fishing Tactics: Bottom baits. Boilies and tiger nut plus snowman rigs all worked.

89 Fish and 4 new PBs:

79 Carp - 4 x 50s, 13 x 40s, 42 x 30s, 17 x 20s and 3 under 20. 3 Grass Carp - 1 x 40 and 2 x 20s. 7 Cats - 2 x 90s and 5 between 10 and 15lb. Also caught 1 kitten.

Jeff Bunch

Bring Waders

By Jeff Bunch on 7 September 2019

Facilities are good, a few pillows would be good for the duty driver on the last night. A second shelf for the oven would be very, very useful indeed, but all in all the facilities are OK. We could not fish the cabin bank as the water level was so low it prevented safe netting and returning of fish - only a couple of inches of water at the edge and many rocks. We fished the far bank but even then we had to wade in to net and return fish. It would be good to advise anglers to bring waders if the water level is low. An additional low level staging on the cabin bank would also help for low water conditions.

The far bank fence tree line would benefit from a cut back to enable more room for vehicle access and bivvies and work to remove the right hand tree line snags would benefit fishing as less chance of a tethered fish. Some of the fish cradles are unusable as they are ripped and will not hold fish. All in all the lake would benefit from some TLC.

Fishing Tactics: All fish caught on a wide range of boilies - monster red, royal marine, manilla, krill and SLK. Did notice that the fish move around the lake a lot and tend to go back to feed on previously baited spots. The water level was very low, so not many fish in the margins and the snags are prolific along the right hand tree line - be warned.

Most fish caught outside of daylight hours. We varied tactics, from bait boating with a concentrated area of bait to covering a wide area with single baits. Both tactics worked equally well. All the fish were seen to be in good condition.

27 Carp - 6 x 40s, 17 x 30s (1 grass) and 4 x 20s. Also caught a 1lb zander and 6 kittens.

Simon Watson

Best Lake We've Been To

By Simon Watson on 31 August 2019

Best lake we've been to in 12 years of carp fishing in France. Facilities more than adequate for drive and survive fishing. Commons Lake is excellent. Size and quality of fish second to none of the lakes we have fished in France. Will definitely return.

32 Fish and 5 new PBs: Carp - 2 x 50s, 4 x 40s (1 grass), 15 x 30s, 8 x 20s (1 grass) and 2 under 20lb.

Catfish - 1 x 75lb (+ caught 6 kittens).