Commons Lake and Fishing

Commons Lake is a classic French carp lake with lots of big carp and large catfish

At a Glance

  • 5 acre carp lake
  • 4 anglers (can take up to 6)
  • Carp to 62lb
  • Catfish to 102lb
  • Bait boats allowed
  • Spacious chalet
  • Nearest channel port – 2hrs 15 minutes
  • Bookings are on a lake-exclusive basis only
  • Fish from the chalet or set up on one of the banks
  • Ideal for social fishing with some big carp and cat action

About Commons Lake

Commons Lake was named after its magnificent common carp. They run to over 60lb and its mirrors go to over 50lb. The venue consists of a 5 acre carp lake with accommodation right on the bank. The secluded lake is packed with big carp and has catfish to over 100lb.

Commons is located a few hundred metres from the Bigot fish farm. Situated near the top of a gentle slope, the lake surface catches any light breeze, which helps to keep it oxygenated in high summer. Local shops are 2 minutes up the road and the nearest supermarket is just 10 minutes away.

Facilities at Commons Lake

Commons Lake has a spacious 45 square metre wood style chalet. It has heating and is fully insulated with double glazed windows and shutters. Situated right on the bank, the chalet is ideal for convenience and socialising.

Inside, the facilities are modern, well equipped and include a fitted kitchen, lounge and dining area. Outside there's a covered decking area which is a favourite spot to fish from.

Click on the Facilities tab above to see the facilities in much more detail.

Chalet at Commons Lake

Chalet at Commons Lake

The Swims at Commons Lake

Anglers are free to spread around 3 of its 4 sides (there is no fishing from the right bank).

Most choose to fish from the accommodation side for convenience. The second most popular choice is from its opposite bank. On occasion, anglers choose to fish from the long flat bank on the left.

The front of the chalet has been cleared into one long swim, which has become a perfect spot for social fishing.

The social swims at Commons Lake

The social swims at Commons Lake

Commons Lake Features

Commons Lake is roughly square in shape with depths averaging 1.5m on the left bank and 1m at the right bank. The lake bottom is clay covered by various depths of silt.

The main features at Commons Lake are the far margins, where the tree line provides shady spots. Some anglers use bait boats to reach these margins but many also fish from the far bank itself. This angler activity creates feeding spots in mid water, so don't ignore open water.

If you are going for a mid water spot and you're not familiar with the lake's features, the best place to start is three quarters of the way from the chalet to its opposite bank.

Lake features at Commons Lake

Lake features at Commons Lake

Commons Lake Fishing

The lake has common carp to over 60lb, a number of 50s, a huge head of 30s and 40s, plus cats to over 100lb. In addition to the usual commons, mirrors and linear carp, there are also a few grass carp present.

Commons Lake is netted each year to remove any kittens. There are no other nuisance fish.

Catch reports give a good indication of the average fish sizes in the lake. This catch report from a group of 3 anglers in October 2018: 16 fish, including 1 x 60, 1 x 50, 4 x 40s, 9 x 30s and 1 x 20. In 2018 Commons Lake averaged just under a fish a day per angler across the whole season. 8 out of every 10 carp caught at Commons Lake in 2018 weighed between 30 and 62lb. On average, at least one carp over 40 pounds was caught every 6 carp runs landed.

One of the big commons to be found in Commons Lake

One of the big commons to be found in Commons Lake