Anjou Lake Rules

Security Deposit: You will be asked for a £50 sterling security deposit per angler. This will be returned at the end of the week if everything is left clean, tidy & undamaged.

  • Please arrive at 12.30pm
  • If you arrive at the lake and the previous week's anglers have left, please do not put any of your belongings into the facilities until they have been cleaned.
  • Swim draw for non-exclusive groups: For non-exclusive groups, there will be a swim draw at 12.30pm. In general, most groups will discuss the pegs that they would like amongst themselves upon arrival, however, if an agreement cannot be reached the peg draw will take place. Please note that any group arriving after the peg draw will have to use the remaining swims.
  • Departure time is no later than 10am
  • Absolutely no unattended rods. If your rods are unattended you will be asked to leave without refund
  • Maximum of 3 rods per angler.
  • No lead core leaders (this rule applies to lead core leaders i.e. some people use around 3m of lead core to pin down the last section of line to the lake bottom. This is not allowed. However, the use of lead core in rigs i.e. the section between the hook & lead, is OK)
  • Barbless or micro barb hooks only. No hooks bigger than size 1 & no bent hook rigs
  • H Block Marker floats are not allowed on Anjou Lane
  • No braid as mainline. No fixed leads. Please use safe rigs making sure that the lead set-up can slide over any shock leader knot
  • Unhooking mat compulsory, the lake provides carp cradles. No sacking of fish
  • With the exception of particles purchased on site, or factory pre-prepared branded seeds and nuts, e.g. Quest, Dynamite, Natural Baits etc., no other particles will be allowed. Preparation of particles on site is strictly forbidden and there is a zero tolerance policy in operation at this venue
  • Boats allowed… but used at your own risk. Lifejackets are compulsory but are not supplied - please take your own if you intend to use a boat
  • Bait boats are allowed
  • No marking or mutilation of fish, offenders will be prosecuted. No swimming, no loud radios please. Please leave your peg clean and put all litter, bottle tops and cigarette ends in the bins provided
  • The toilets use a septic tank system not mains drainage. Please do not put anything down the toilet except toilet tissue otherwise you will block it. In particular please do not put baby wipes down the toilet
  • Any angler not respecting the rules will be asked to leave without refund