Customer Reviews About Carp Fishing at Anjou Lake in France

What customers say about carp fishing in France at Anjou Lake, including their catch reports and general comments.

Steve Tovey & Tam Quigley

Very Good Stay

By Steve Tovey & Tam Quigley on 31 August 2019

Very good stay. Nice peaceful surroundings and excellent facilities with everything you need. Had a great time and fishing was very good.

Fishing Tactics: Using bait boat - pink wafters over particle beds worked best.

17 Carp: 1 x 40 (grass), 6 x 30s (1 grass) and 10 x 20s.

Joshua Kneale

Good Time

By Joshua Kneale on 10 August 2019

Had a good time. Good facilities and shower good - everything you need. Caught a lot of fish, just couldn't catch the big girls.

Fishing Tactics: Fish holding up in the weed down in the shallows during the day and they move up the lake during the night. Yellow wafter over a mix of particles worked best.

1 x 45lb, 1 x 37lb, 7 x 20s and 3 under 20lb.

Craig Coombs

Fish Spawning Again!

By Craig Coombs on 3 August 2019

Fish spawning down at the weedy bay mid week (the 7th time spawning has been recorded this year!). Shower very good - fished Bigot Lakes before, so everything as expected.

Fishing Tactics: Sticky Baits manilla pop ups over sweetcorn. Crayfish very active, so need to fish off the bottom. Small bait levels - fish for a bite at a time worked best.

14 carp - 1 x 40, 3 x 30s (1 grass), 9 x 20s and 1 under 20.

Terry Cheesman

Lovely Lake

By Terry Cheesman on 27 July 2019

Lovely lake. Facilities very clean, although possibly not suitable for more than 4. Very little fish activity all week. Crays a alight issue, so used plastics & zigs.

Fishing Tactics: Predominance of naturals make it hard going. With 40+ degrees it was always going to be tough going and so it proved. Tried everything and caught a 25lb mirror on plastic corn and a 6lb zander on a pop up tiger!!

Spent most days photographing butterflies - 25 different species spotted around the lake.

Click the link to see more of Terry's butterfly photos: Anjou Lake Butterfly Paradise

Rutger Haverbeke

Very Nice Lake & Facilities

By Rutger Haverbeke on 20 July 2019

Very nice lake and facilities are top.

Fishing & Tactics: Due to hot weather not many fish on the bank. Lots of crayfish active, so pop up maize and zigs worked best.

1 x 46lb 7oz, 3 x 30s and 3 x 20s.

Nigel Edwards

10 out of 10

By Nigel Edwards on 13 July 2019

10 out of 10. Had a great time. All the facilities you need.

Fishing Tactics: Solid bags over boilies worked best.

5 Carp - 2 x 40s, 1 x 30 and 2 x 20s.

Rod Corbett

Fish Spawning

By Rod Corbett on 13 July 2019

Great facilities - clean and well laid out. Very friendly greeting and helpful. Hot waeather conditions and fish spawning. A lot of flies in the cabin and around bivvies - fly screens required on windows and door.

Fishing Tactics: Maize over maize, hemp and pellet worked best.

7 carp (1 x PB) - 3 x 40s (2 grass), 3 x 30s (2 grass) and 1 x 20.

Peter Vertigan

Nice Lake

By Peter Vertigan on 29 June 2019

Nice lake, but needs some shelter (from sun) on north bank. facilities excellent as usual - clean throughout.

Fishing Conditions and tactics: Record temperatures killed the fishing after the first couple of days. Loose fed pellet and crushed boilies, with a boilie as hook bait worked until the heatwave struck.

9 carp: 3 x 40s, 1 x 30, 4 x 20s and 1 x double.

Shane Richardson

Very Good

By Shane Richardson on 22 June 2019

Very good - big fish topping all day. Maybe need more fish of any size for competition for food. Facilities very clean and tidy and all in good working order.

Fishing Tactics: Tried all tactics, but think that the fish are still recovering from spawning.

Total 8 carp (2 x PBs): 1 x 40, 4 x 30s and 3 x 20s.

Note from Bigot Lakes - Some of the hardest fishing conditions we've ever seen. The big carp just not feeding and an average of less than 2 carp per angler across 6 lakes.

Consensus of opinion seems to be that wild swings in pressure hit just as the carp were recovering from a very hard spawn. Whatever the reason, we say hats off to those who managed to coax a few out in such tough fishing conditions.

Jon Griffin

Carp Spawning

By Jon Griffin on 8 June 2019

Very good facilities. Very slow fishing due to spawning, but picked up at end of week.

Fishing Tactics: Pop ups, wafters on single hook baits.

8 Carp - 1 x 43 (PB), 3 x 30s and 4 x 20s, includes a koi carp at 26lb 8oz. 1 x PB.